Welcome to Belgrade

Introduction to Medical and Dental Tourism

Medical and Dental Tourism in Belgrade offer you dental treatment in dental clinic Dr Kuljaca. Visit Belgrade and with Medical and Dental Tourism in Belgrade save up 70 % of your dental treatment.

As the Medical Tourism industry grows bigger each year more and more people are willing and encouraged to take the opportunity and benefit by using medical tourism services. Despite the high standards of living in North America and the Western European countries medical care and dental care have become enormously expensive and many people can not afford it. Scared off by the high cost of basic dental care people are often avoiding regular visits to their dentists and therefore are risking further health and dental complications.

What does Medical-Tourism-in-Belgrade offer you?

Dental clinic Dr Kuljaca offer you services of Medical and Dental Tourism. Dental clinic Dr Kuljaca has the latest equipment and works 100% 
          by the European standards.

Medical - Tourism - In – Belgrade offers you services of the dental clinic "Dr Kuljaca" in Belgrade at very affordable prices and up to five times lower than in your home country. Dental clinic "Dr Kuljaca" has the latest equipment and works 100% by the European standards. All dental equipment and materials used in dental care are imported from western European countries but the price of the service itself makes the great difference between dental care in the western countries and dental care in Belgrade.

Technical Support

Medical Tourism in Belgrade offer you driving from Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla to hotels in Belgrade and to dental clinic Dr Kuljaca

Beside dental treatment we will do all the necessary work, so that your stay in Belgrade be as efficient as possible. We will book a room in the hotel. It is our job to pick you up at the airport upon your arrival and drive you to your hotel. Each time you have appointment at the dentist we will drive you from your hotel to clinic and back. Once your stay in Belgrade is over we would drive you back to the airport. During your stay in Belgrade we would provide you with a mobile telephone which you could use 24h / day for any type of emergency.

Tourism in Belgrade

Belgrade offer you rich and famous night life, restaurants and cafes, museums, churches.

Remember during your medical – stay at Belgrade you will have a lot to do at your free time! Belgrade offers you a lot off fine international and domestic restaurants, cafes and extremely rich and famous night life! If you enjoy exploring you will find a lot of museums and churches to visit, walking along the two rivers that the Belgrade sits on.